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Tailored Solutions

Increasing organizational efficiency and improving decision-making through the creation of tailorable applications

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PSA Discusses Its Use Of The Squeak & Rattle Director Sebastien Gourg of PSA Group Discusses His Experience with the Squeak & Rattle Director View the Video
Altair’s "Packaged Solution Offerings" (PSOs) are an expanding set of highly tailorable applications which aim to streamline CAE workflows and solve specialized industry vertical engineering challenges. Developed, implemented and supported by our specialist services team, PSOs run on HyperWorks Units and leverage your existing investment in Altair software. PSOs are designed to be rapidly deployed and customizable to meet your unique design/engineering processes and IT requirements.

Take a look at our solutions below.

"[The Automated Reporting Director] has cut down 4 hours of cropping and adjusting pictures to about 20 minutes work."

–Scott Janowiak, Senior Numerical Simulation Engineer


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Pre & Post-Processing

Automated Reporting Director

Altair's Automated Reporting Director (ARD) removes the non-value add tasks associated with the mechanics of report generation, dramatically reducing manual effort. ARD is independent of industry, product type or simulation result type (e.g. stress, fatigue and/or vibration).

Solution Highlights

  • Decreases report generation time by up to 80%

  • Automatically creates single pages for each result and group combination in HyperView

  • Generates an interactive overview result table and highlights critical results

  • Exports results to PowerPoint and allows addition of animated gifs/h3d

  • Runs in batch mode

  • Is solver independent

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Model Verification Director

Altair's Model Verification Director allows engineering analysts to validate CAD model data received from the design teams, automatically identifying potential issues that could slow down the pre-processing stage of the simulation life cycle. The solution identifies CAD intersections, missing welds, and incorrect bolt-nut positions on an entire assembly structure and generates comprehensive reports in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel formats.

Solution Highlights:

  • Reduce the model validation time from 72 hours to 8 hours (90%)

  • Automatically check the model data in batch mode over night

  • Automatically identify issues with CAD data before the meshing stage

  • Checks for intersections, spot weld duplications, correct connections and more

  • Generates reports of issues in PowerPoint or Excel to provide feedback to design teams

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Model Mesher Director

Altair's Model Mesher Director (MMD) is a fully integrated, user-friendly solution that empowers engineers to import & modify geometry and mesh models with specific mesh criteria automatically with the power of Altair HyperWorks tools. By streamlining time-consuming modeling tasks, analysts can concentrate on more value added activities, spending more time investigating analysis results and providing design insight.

Solution Highlights:

  • Reduces model pre-processing time by 60%

  • Embedded into HyperMesh

  • Provides a process-centric approach to streamline the tasks associated with pre-processing

  • Accelerates model meshing activities and automatically creates 1D connections

  • Allows 1 click material assignment through an intuitive user interface

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CAE/Test Data Correlation

Virtual Gauge Director

Altair’s Virtual Gauge Director (VGD) is a combination of customized software and services that enable engineers to extract the results at the exact position of the strain gauge as in the test lab, interpolate the results at an identified CAE location, compute results in the local coordinate system of the gauge, and give a correlation index confidence. The Director can also be used to interpolate stress or strain values at any placement in the model.

Solution Highlights

  • Standardizes, simplifies and automates the gauge correlation process

  • Results extraction at the exact position of the gauge as in the test lab

  • Automatic results interpolation in CAE model

  • Multi-gauges post processing to ensure correlation on the whole model

  • Seamlessly integrated in the HyperWorks environment

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Engineering Analytics

Weight Analytics

Altair's Weight Analytics (WA) solution manages the entire Weight and Balance (W&B) process empowering engineering and management teams to control and ensure W&B attributes meet program requirements. Deployed as a common weight management tool across the enterprise, WA enables faster and more accurate decision-making with on-demand access to visualize, analyze and predict W&B at any point in time during the entire Product Lifecycle (PLC).

Solution Highlights

  • Dramatically reduce time required to consolidate data sources by up to 80%

  • Make decisions up to 50% faster and spend more time analyzing information for solutions to achieve W&B targets

  • Visualize, analyze and predict risk and opportunities at any point during the PLC

  • Run what-if scenario’s resulting in actionable information for key decision makers

  • Track and control the maturity of the product

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Geomechanics Director

Altair's Geomechanics Director (GeoD) allows engineers and scientists in the Rock Mechanics and Geology groups at Oil and Gas companies, to build finite element models from subsurface geology quickly and efficiently. Fully integrated into HyperMesh, this user-friendly solution provides process guidance and a semi-automated approach for importing tessellated surface geology, cleaning up the model, organizing stratigraphically, assigning properties and creating boundary conditions.

Solution Highlights

  • Captures best practices in the Mechanical Earth Modeling and associated post-processing

  • Provides accurate FE representations of subsurface geology

  • Generates an interactive overview result table and highlights critical results

  • Automates repetitive model building tasks and complex post-processing calculations

  • Flexible framework allows to extend to advanced analyses such as design exploration

  • Reduces the geomechanic model building time by about 70%

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Impact Simulation Analysis

Impact Simulation Director

Altair's Impact Simulation Director (ISD) solution automate the laborious, manual tasks associated with model setup, analysis, post-processing and reporting for impact analysis. Highly tailored to an organization's specific procedures and best practices, Altair's ISD solutions reduce development time and costs while enhancing product robustness and performance.

Solution Highlights

  • Reduces impact simulation time by up to 60% accelerating development/minimizing cost.

  • Captures knowledge and best practices in standard workflow processes.

  • Increases reliability and repeatability of impact simulation results enterprise wide.

  • Provides an easy to learn, user-friendly interface that streamlines the analysis process.

  • Generates reports of issues in PowerPoint or Excel to provide feedback to design teams

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Quality & Noise

NVH Director

Altair’s NVH Director employs the HyperWorks suite in a fully integrated, user-friendly, customizable form to automate the tasks involved in NVH analysis. By integrating the entire process of meshing, assembly, loadcase setup, and post-processing, it dramatically reduces the full-vehicle NVH simulation time, freeing CAE engineers to focus on optimizing product design and performance.

Solution Highlights

  • Learn about new generation FEA solver for NVH analysis that uses the familiar NASTRAN bulk data input format

  • Check the input data thoroughly for modeling errors, getting you to the correct solution, faster.

  • Introduction to NVH specific features for structural optimization that will drive design

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Squeak & Rattle Director

Altair's Squeak and Rattle Director (SnRD) is a novel set of software automations to rapidly identify and analyze design alternatives to eliminate the root causes of squeak and rattle (S&R) in assemblies. Tailored to be deeply integrated within your environment and processes, SnRD offers a complete set of capabilities to streamline the entire S&R simulation workflow process from model creation to results visualization.

Solution Highlights

  • Identifies risk zones for squeak and rattle from the earliest development phase when no prototype is available from correlation to test support

  • Automates repetitive pre and post-processing calculations and presents results in a standardized format

  • Diagnosis module to perform Root Cause Analysis & Sensitivity Analysis without re-running the model

  • Prediction of stick-slip phenomena for different materials thanks to a seamless integration of Ziegler PEM Database

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Weld Fatigue Assessment

Weld Certification Director

Altair's Weld Certification Director (WCD) is a combination of a base software with customer specific additions and integrated services that allows engineers to accelerate the time taken to identify and analyze the performance of weld lines against mechanical requirements. The solution automatically identifies weld lines across multiple joint types, enabling engineers to quickly run a complete evaluation of all the weld lines in a structure and to check for potential performance issues.

Solution Highlights

  • Checks for fatigue issues throughout a structure and across multiple joint types

  • Identifies and classifies weld lines across an entire structure

  • Provides a consistent and efficient method to run a full weld line verification process

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Multi-Disciplinary Optimization

The increasing pressure to lightweight automotive body structures, coupled with tighter design and development cycles, has led to the need for methods that can rapidly explore potential to improve the design balance between weight and product attribute performance. In order to find the desired optimum balance between design attributes, all relevant design requirements and targets need to be taken into account. A multi-disciplinary optimization (MDO) approach can achieve this by exploring these requirements simultaneously. However, historically it has not been feasible to apply this approach on live vehicle programs due to the volume and complexity of data and the inherent incompatibility of design attributes.

Solution Highlights

  • Provides a platform for synchronization of simulation models for different attributes

  • Enables rapid set up of multidisciplinary optimization problems

  • Facilitates material gauge DOE and optimization studies

  • Supports design exploration within product development

  • Minimizes computational effort

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