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Heavy Industry & Off-Highway

Altair HyperWorks provides engineers the simulation tools to design large equipment that will operate under extreme loading environments. Simulation is critical when full-scale prototypes are not possible or difficult to test.

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Whether it is improving payload capacity using optimization, designing durable products to meet fatigue life, improving noise / vibration and driving performance, or improving rollover and impact energy management, HyperWorks provides a full comprehensive set of integrated simulation tools to meet these design challenges. From agricultural equipment to specialty utility vehicles, and from mining equipment to commercial trucks, simulation is an essential aspect in design for Heavy Equipment.

For all types of vehicles, HyperWorks has all the modeling, simulation, visualization and optimization tools to meet the challenge:

  • Construction and mining vehicles

  • Agricultural and farm equipment

  • Commercial trucks

  • Fire truck and specialty vehicles

“OptiStruct’s topography optimization has become an integral part of our design process to find innovative bead patterns in sheet metal components.”

–Stephan Diekhaus

CAE Manager

CLAAS GmbH, Germany

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Heavy equipment optimization Simulation at TADANO FAUN Hitachi mining truck Rollover simulation at Anadolu Isuzu Altair’s bus design Claas harvester reel design Electromagnetic antenna simulation with FEKO Simulation-driven design at Scania
Heavy equipment optimization Simulation at TADANO FAUN Hitachi mining truck Rollover simulation at Anadolu Isuzu Altair’s bus design Claas harvester reel design Electromagnetic antenna simulation with FEKO Simulation-driven design at Scania
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Modeling and Visualization

Having a strong infrastructure around Altair’s solver technology for defining and analyzing your projects is a big advantage of the HyperWorks offerings.

Altair's pre-processors HyperMesh, SimLab, and HyperCrash offer everything starting from full manual mesh control to fully automated batch meshing technology, resulting in the best mesh possible. Solutions for assembly could speed up the workflow with sophisticated connector technology when simultaneously creating thousands of welds and tools for efficient contact creation. After setting up the analysis, an extensive list of solver interfaces guarantees the export to all common solvers in the industry.

Once the results are available, Altair's integrated post-processing tools, HyperView, for advanced result contouring, and HyperGraph, for comfortable evaluation of largest amounts of plotting data, are a premier choice to quickly analyze the results. Automated report generation saves hours in preparing presentations for the next status meeting.

All the tools provide a high level of customization with the process automation option to save even more time on repetitive tasks. For big data, Altair offers powerful cloud solutions, eliminating the need to transfer large files across the network for pre- and post-processing, which can save tremendous amount of time in a competitive environment.

Optimization and Lightweighting

In heavy equipment, machines and vehicles, increasing payload and improving fuel economy while meeting performance and safety requirements is a competitive advantage. HyperWorks optimization tools have become the professional standard for removing mass and reducing material cost.

HyperWorks offers optimization for both concept design and design fine-tuning stages of a multi-disciplinary product design cycle. OptiStruct is the award-winning integrated analysis and optimization tool that has concept design and design fine-tuning capabilities for structures. HyperStudy is the solver-neutral design exploration, study and optimization tool that can be used with nearly all 3rd party solvers.

Through the use of OptiStruct and HyperStudy, engineers can:

  • Find the right design quicker, and get-to-market faster

  • Conceive innovative solutions to better performing designs

  • Minimize product cost and carbon footprint

  • Increase the product life-cycle with more reliable and robust designs

  • Increase productivity using the complete set of tools that supports the entire design process

Optimization allows engineers to explore thousands of design scenarios before investing in physical prototypes or tooling. The result is products with outstanding reliability and strength, improved fuel consumption, reduced manufacturing cost, and delivered on time.

Multi-Body Dynamics

Multi-Body Dynamic (MBD) simulation allows engineers to study the forces or motions of interconnected rigid or flexible bodies. Motion analysis is important since product design frequently requires an understanding of how multiple moving parts interact with each other and the environment. HyperWorks offers a powerful environment for motion simulation with MotionView and MotionSolve.

HyperWorks comprehensive solution for multi-body solution:

  • Assess system design and performance with nonlinear dynamics, kinematics, linear, static or quasi-static studies

  • Create complex, nonlinear systems to evaluate the dynamic behavior of systems, study vibration isolation, design control systems, perform packaging studies and generate realistic loads to predict component life and damage

  • Perform co-simulation with hydraulic, pneumatics and controls simulation codes

Accurate MBD simulation allows engineers to predict forces acting on the structure during operation. It is also used to design suspension components and simulate the ride and handling motion of tracked and wheeled vehicles. From backhoe front loaders to conveyor belts and pulleys, HyperWorks provides an integrated solution to analyze and optimize multi-body system performance.

Structural Analysis

Heavy equipment engineering involves designing products to operate in harsh environments under severe conditions. Customers in the heavy industry demand machines, equipment and vehicles with service life measured in decades. Altair’s simulation driven design approach facilitates reliable and high quality product designs while still reducing cost and product cycle time.

HyperWorks offers modeling and visualization software that allows automation to save time and engineering resources. HyperWorks best-in-class modeling and visualization tools like HyperMesh, HyperCrash, and HyperView enable engineers to quickly build accurate structural models and interpret results.

From single components to large complex systems, Altair customers have access to analysis technologies that are capable to meet the most demanding performance specifications. HyperWorks provides a complete suite of linear and non-linear structural analysis solvers to simulate different physical phenomena including:

  • Noise and vibration simulation

  • Durability, fatigue and reliability analysis

  • Impact safety and rollover protection simulation

  • Powertrain thermal analysis

  • Simulation of advanced lightweight materials including composites, aluminum and magnesium

Our impact is not limited to simulation as we also help customers build and maintain the cost-effective infrastructures required for modern HPC and Cloud environments.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the product development process helps heavy industry engineers solve problems involving the flow, heat transfer and stress of fluids. HyperWork’s provides an integrated environment to meet any CFD design challenges.

In order to truly impact today’s compressed cycle times, it is necessary to have leading edge technology for building CFD models and visualizing results. HyperWorks geometry manipulation, cleanup and mesh generation technologies are best in class included surfacing, volume fill, and boundary layer meshing.

Physical simulation applications areas include:

  • Powertrain cooling systems

  • Aerodynamics including steady, unsteady, overtaking maneuvers and aeroacoustics

  • Underhood flow and thermal management

  • Climate control including cabin comfort and HVAC systems

  • Exhaust systems

  • Brake cooling

  • Separation techniques for harvesting equipment

  • De-ice/De-fog

The HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) provides an automated and streamlined workflow for wind tunnel simulation. Within VWT, engineers are able to more accurately and quickly predict an automobile or truck’s aerodynamic performance.


Today's commercial trucks, off highway equipment, and specialty vehicles include advanced electronics including infotainment systems, navigation systems, etc. It is becoming more common for a lot of agricultural machinery to be remote controlled or fully automated.

HyperWorks provides a fully integrated comprehensive computational electromagnetics modeling, solution and visualization environment with Altair FEKO.

Electromagnetic simulation application areas include:

  • Antenna design for wireless communication

  • Antenna placement on vehicles

  • RCS analysis

  • Cable design and placement (EMI/EMS virtual testing)

  • Electric and magnetic shielding for metallic or dielectric enclosures

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