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Pre- and Postprocessing
HyperCrash for RADIOSS and LS-DYNA
HyperGraph/HyperView – Customizing Basic
HyperMesh – CFD Meshing Advanced
HyperMesh – CFD Meshing Basic
HyperMesh – Customizing
HyperMesh – Morphing
HyperMesh – Solver Interfaces
HyperMesh – Thin-walled Structures
HyperMesh – Volume Structures
HyperMesh/HyperGraph/HyperView – Customizing Advanced
HyperMesh/HyperView – Basic
HyperMesh/HyperView – Basic – Hybrid (self-paced and presence)
HyperView/HyperGraph – Advanced
SimLab – Automation
SimLab – Basic

Analysis and Optimization
WinProp – Radio Network Planning Tool

Concept Design
EVOLVE – Geometry Creation
INSPIRE - Structure
INSPIRE (online)

AcuSolve – CFD Analysis
FEKO – Electromagnetic Analysis
Flux - Spezialworkshop zum Thema induktives Heizen
Flux 2D/3D – Electromagnetic Analysis
FluxMotor - Electric Motor Predesign
MotionView/MotionSolve – MBD
OptiStruct – Analysis Basic
OptiStruct – Analysis for NASTRAN users
OptiStruct – Fatigue
OptiStruct – Nonlinear Analysis
OptiStruct – NVH Analysis
OptiStruct – Thermal Analysis
RADIOSS – Advanced
RADIOSS – Airbag Simulation
RADIOSS – Composites
RADIOSS – Fluid Structure Interaction
RADIOSS – Material Modeling
RADIOSS – USER Subroutines

OptiStruct – Optimization Advanced
OptiStruct – Optimization Basic

Click2Cast – Casting Simulation
Click2Form – Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
HyperForm – Introduction to Composite Forming
HyperForm – Sheet Metal Forming

Model Based Development
Applied Control of Electrical Drives using EMBED

Enterprise Solutions
PBS Professional

INSPIRE for Students (online)
Introduction to HyperMesh and OptiStruct for Students
OptiStruct Composites for Students

Altair Partner Alliance
AFDEX Advanced by MFRC
AFDEX Advanced Customized Training
Amphyon Training
Basic Training to Quickly Use HUByx Body Model
CAEfatigue VIBRATION Online Training
CAEfatigue VIBRATION On-Site Training
ChassisSim Bootcamp
CONVERSE by PART Engineering – Composites Modeling
CONVERSE Fundamentals Training
DSHplus Hydraulic Libaries: Getting Expert (WEB)
DSHplus by Fluidon – 1D System Simulation
DSHplus Hydraulic Libaries: Getting Professional (WEB)
DSHplus Hydraulic Libaries: Getting Started (WEB)
DSHplus Pneumatic Library: Pneumatic Systems (WEB)
DSHplus: Aerospace Applications (WEB)
DSHplus: Automobile Applications (WEB)
DSHplus: Piping Systems (WEB)
FEMFAT Advanced by Magna Powertrain – Fatigue Life Analysis
FEMFAT Basic by Magna Powertrain – Fatigue Life Analysis
HUByx Physical Training
HUByx Training Opportunities
Introduction to Santos® Pro Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques
KTex Family Physical Training
KTex Family Training Opportunities
KTex LayUp Web-Based Training
KTex Pattern Web-Based Training
KTex Winding Web-Based Training
KTex Woven Property Web-Based Training
nanoFluidX by FluiDyna – CFD
NovaFlow&Solid Basic Training
NovaFlow&Solid Level 2
NovaFlow&Solid Level 2 Training
StressCheck Advanced Web-Based Training in Fracture Mechanics
StressCheck Web-Based Basic Training plus Linear Elasticity
ultraFluidX by FluiDyna – CFD

Methods Seminar
ChassisSim Bootcamp
Structural Optimization Theory

Basic Composites
Basic FEM
Crash Calculations
FEM Modeling
Fundamentals of Fatigue Strength
Lightweight Structures
Machine Acoustics - NVH
Multi-Body Dynamics
Nonlinear FEM
Sheet Metal Forming
Welding Technology and FEM

Basic Additive Manufacturing (Metal) by Fraunhofer IAPT
Bionic Design for Additive Manufacturing (Metal) by Fraunhofer IAPT and Altair
Package: Basic Additive Manufacturing (Metal) and solidThinking INSPIRE

Designing Composites with HyperMesh/OptiStruct/HyperView

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