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Pre- and Postprocessing
HyperCrash for RADIOSS
HyperMesh – CFD Meshing Advanced
HyperMesh – CFD Meshing Basic
HyperMesh – Morphing
HyperMesh – Solver Interfaces
HyperMesh – Thin-walled Structures
HyperMesh – Volume Structures
HyperMesh/HyperView – Basic – Hybrid (self-paced and presence)
HyperView/HyperGraph/Compose – Advanced
SimLab – Automation
SimLab – Basic

Analysis and Optimization
AcuSolve – CFD Analysis
FEKO – Electromagnetic Analysis
Flux - Spezialworkshop zum Thema induktives Heizen
Flux 2D/3D – Electromagnetic Analysis
FluxMotor - Electric Motor Predesign
MotionView/MotionSolve – MBD
OptiStruct – Analysis Basic
OptiStruct – Analysis for NASTRAN users
OptiStruct – Fatigue
OptiStruct – Nonlinear Analysis
OptiStruct – NVH Analysis
OptiStruct – Optimization Advanced
OptiStruct – Optimization Basic
OptiStruct – Thermal Analysis
RADIOSS – Advanced
RADIOSS – Airbag Simulation
RADIOSS – Composites
RADIOSS – Fluid Structure Interaction
RADIOSS – Material Modeling
RADIOSS – USER Subroutines
WinProp – Radio Network Planning Tool

Designing Composites
Altair ESAComp™
Altair Multiscale Designer™
Designing Composites with HyperMesh/OptiStruct/HyperView

Click2Cast – Casting Simulation
Click2Form – Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
Composite Forming
InspireForm – Sheet Metal Forming

Concept Design
EVOLVE – Geometry Creation
INSPIRE – Structure
INSPIRE (online)

HyperGraph/HyperView – Customizing Basic
HyperMesh – Customizing
HyperMesh/HyperGraph/HyperView – Customizing Advanced

Model Based Development
Applied Control of Electrical Drives using EMBED

Enterprise Solutions
PBS Professional

Altair Partner Alliance Products Training
AFDEX Advanced Customized Training
AlphaCell Training
Altair nanoFluidX™
Altair ultraFluidX™
Amphyon Training
Basic Training to Quickly Use HUByx Body Model
CAEfatigue VIBRATION Online Training
CAEfatigue VIBRATION On-Site Training
ChassisSim Bootcamp
CONVERSE by PART Engineering – Composites Modeling
CONVERSE Fundamentals Training
DSHplus by Fluidon – 1D System Simulation
FEMFAT Advanced by Magna Powertrain – Fatigue Life Analysis
FEMFAT Basic by Magna Powertrain – Fatigue Life Analysis
HUByx Physical Training
HUByx Training Opportunities
Introduction to Santos® Pro Concepts, Conventions, and Techniques
KTex Family Physical Training
KTex Family Training Opportunities
KTex Family Web-Based Training
Maplesoft Training
NovaFlow&Solid Level 2
NovaFlow&Solid Training
StressCheck Web-Based Training

Methods Seminar
Basic Composites
Basic FEM
Computational Fluid Mechanics
Crash Calculations
FEM Modeling
Fundamentals of Fatigue Strength
Lightweight Structures
Machine Acoustics - NVH
Multi-Body Dynamics
Nonlinear FEM
Sheet Metal Forming
Structural Optimization Theory
Welding Technology and FEM

AM in a nutshell by APWORKS
Basic Additive Manufacturing (Metal) by Fraunhofer IAPT
Bionic Design for Additive Manufacturing (Metal) by Fraunhofer IAPT and Altair
Package: Basic Additive Manufacturing (Metal) and solidThinking INSPIRE

INSPIRE for Students (online)
Introduction to HyperMesh and OptiStruct for Students
OptiStruct Composites for Students

Informationstag - Multiphysik

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