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MLS: Installation, Configuration and Security Testing Course

The course will review the basics of Multi-Level Secure (MLS) Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as built for general HPC use with both NUMA and cluster configurations. The course will provide the opportunity for installing, configuring, and testing a NUMA configuration (equivalent to the head node of a cluster) and the compute nodes for a cluster. The course will cover Role Based Access Controls (RBAC), audit configuration, user builds and role assignments, network configuration, and other critical configuration issues.

After the general MLS RHEL review, a full review of the installation and configuration scripts and configuration management that will be used as a basis for the configurations during the course will be conducted. The students will configure their own RHEL 6 MLS configuration and verify the configuration with automated and interactive scripts generating the body of evidence needed for security certification of the system.

Lastly, the course will review application based policy writing including procedures for modifying policies and verifying the security implications of the modification. The student will be able to install, configure, and test the MLS RHEL system defined by the configuration scripting and other profile information. Additionally, the student will be able to test the system and produce the testing part of the body of evidence required for system certification. Lastly, the student will be able to modify simple policies and evaluate security relevance of the modification.

Course Length: 4.5 days

Student Background Experience: Assumes the administrator or security individual attending has installed and configured standard RHEL 6.X.
Kosten: $4,200
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